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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Some Letters

Some letters arrive like a clap of thunder so immense and violent that your whole life quakes. You hear your crystalline soul shatter with the jarring sound of breaking glass.

Some letters leave you writhing…with words that choke and strangle. Words that leave you gasping, wondering if you will ever breathe again.

Some letters leave you prostrate…dazed and waiting for the ambulance siren’s piercing wail. Can this life be saved? Has there ever been a surgeon adept enough to save such a gruesomely mangled heart?

Some letters sound like vault doors creaking closed, a massive iron gate slamming down, the clang of bolts rammed into hasps, and the rattling of unbreakable locks and chains.

Some letters read like a death sentence, eliciting moans and wails. The heart screams a never-ending silent scream, with haunting echoes doubling…ever doubling.

Some letters sound like a roaring winter wind, with the thrumming of hopes hopelessly distraught and fleeing…disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Some letters leave you orphaned…exiled…damned. The only sound is the mocking tick-tocking of your life’s cursed clock.

Some letters sound like nails pounded into flesh…love’s sorrowful crucifixion.

* * *

Some letters sound like all of that and more.


Anonymous trueloveneverdies said...

Isn't is profound, what impact words can have on another's precious soul?!
...However, it is even more profound to realize the nature of the author's specific feelings, which (most likely, and quite thoughtlessly!) selected such weaponry of words.

Letters are tricky because feelings are impermanent, but words may always be remembered...
...Fortunately, a wounded soul can transform poison into medicine and pain into wisdom by taking some time to cool down, breathe, come to a sense of calm, and try to recognize the harmless feelings that the author is shielding behind the armor of those harmful words.
Stronger than any words are the feelings and emotions that drive such words to be said...feelings and emotions which every human being can relate with.
And with a little effort and perhaps a little time, a once-excruciatingly-painful-letter may come to be read with a grain of salt. When the reader realizes the impermanence of words, he can take each stab less personally, and come to understand the true nature of the letter. In time, any letter can be broken down and eventually seen as a mere statement of the author's underlying feelings and emotions at the time...
...and I'll bet your pain will suddenly transform into tenderness and compassion once you realize how blatant the fear and pain was that the author was experiencing... amazing!

Wed Mar 26, 02:55:00 PM  
Blogger Jonas said...

In this particular case, the letter shattered my hopes and barred the path to love.

It took a long time to recuperate, but recuperate I did. Still, one never quite recovers from exile...

Thanks for your consoling words.

Thu Mar 27, 12:33:00 AM  
Anonymous trueloveneverdies said...

Ah yes, I see...
I feel as though I may be in the same situation then, and I find myself re-reading letters, which over time seem to mean something else to me than I had originally perceived, even though they are the very same words.
Perhaps that is just the stages of healing that allows you to see new perspectives... I'm not sure...

The pitiful thing is that it's almost impossible not to hope that love will come back, even though it's already got up and left me without a trace...

Thu Mar 27, 01:56:00 AM  

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