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Friday, September 30, 2005

Sweet Sadness

Every loving soul is fated to grieve. It is the human condition (it’s probably true of all creation, but the mysteries of the human soul are more than enough for me right now). I would guess that there are as many ways to grieve as there are reasons to grieve.

I’ve felt grief as a silent scream so anguished it could crack the sky. I’ve experienced a grief that strangles – the unrelenting asphyxiation of the spirit. Grieve like this too often or for too long and you will surely lose your soul.

If I am to grieve, let me grieve as a melancholic. Melancholy is a sweet sadness. It is a longing. It is an adagio for cello. It is the sense of loss as darkness descends upon an infinite ocean. It is a quiet rain on a warm summer night. It springs from reveries of love and beauty. It is the remembrance of emotions so beautiful, and so profound, that your heart aches to relive those feelings just one more time...and it is the ache of knowing that you cannot. Melancholy resides in the heart. It is the sorrow of unrequited longing to feel ecstasy again...the heart forever yearning to feel blessed.

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