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Friday, October 07, 2005


Have you ever met an “old soul”? I have, and I’m not the only one. Many cultures have expressions about people who are wise beyond their years...the sages, shamans, rabbis and mentors. They truly do seem to have “old souls.”

Now, I don’t know if souls are ever reincarnated or not. I’m skeptical. But then, I’ve been so wrong about so many things that I know I could easily be wrong about this. Maybe souls return again and again until they possess all the wisdom to be gleaned from experience. They walk among us. I believe I’ve been tutored by a few (not that I actually listened or anything like that).

If there can be old souls, can there then be new souls? I think I’m a new soul. I possess no wisdom whatsoever. I’ve learned every important lesson in life by sticking my hand in fire...doing all the wrong things at the wrong time...and suffering the consequences. I’m just a total goof, a naïf, a clumsy puppy. Maybe I was a good-natured, but slightly daft tapir who just got his first crack at being a human. Perhaps I’m just a novitiate at this.

What scares me is the other possibility. Maybe I’m in the “remedial human” class. That could be. Perhaps I’m a soul who’s been around the block a few times, but still doesn’t grasp the basic concepts. Have I been held back a grade or two? This notion troubles me.

Am I doomed to muddle through eternity?

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