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Friday, March 24, 2006

At Waking

I loved waking to her. I loved those indeterminate moments when, at waking, my senses woke only to her. The room, the house, the whole crazy planet would eventually become incarnate…but later…sometimes much later. At waking, there was only her. Her heat (she always ran warmer than I) would draw me close…closer. Her scent was my life’s most beloved aroma. My eyes would invariably be drawn to her face and gradually come to focus. Hers was the only beauty I craved, for she made everything beautiful. I’d quietly revel in her breath and heart beat. I'd braid my breaths with hers until our two hearts found a single rhythm. I always woke to pleasure...and a craving to kiss her.

It is true joy to wake to a dream and have the dream be real. It is a blessing to wake to the world…when your entire world is lying there beside you.

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