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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Plucking Heartstrings

ET was kind enough to offer a Wallflowers’ tune for our collective musical/philosophical consideration. I thought I’d return the favor by listing a variety of personal favorites (alphabetically, even!). I culled these from various mixes (of the “soothing” variety) I’ve compiled over the years. These singers/songwriters all have something meaningful to say about love...or the loss thereof.

I believe you’ll find at least a few of these worth a listen:

Jann Arden – “Kitchen Window”
Jann Arden – “Mend”
Jann Arden – “Time For Mercy”
Jann Arden - “Waiting For Someone”
Jann Arden – “Will You Remember Me”
Joan Armatrading – “Down To Zero”
Joan Armatrading – “Dry Land”
Joan Armatrading – “Love And Affection”
Joan Armatrading – “Save Me”
Joan Armatrading – “The Weakness In Me”
Joan Armatrading – “Willow”
Better Than Ezra - "WWOZ"
Mary Chapin Carpenter – “Naked To The Eye”
Mary Chapin Carpenter – “Swept Away”
Mary Chapin Carpenter – “That’s Real”
Mary Chapin Carpenter – “The End Of My Pirate Days”
Mary Chapin Carpenter – “This Is Love”
Toni Childs – “Let The Rain Come Down”
Toni Childs - "Next To You"
Marc Cohn – “Don’t Talk To Her At Night”
Marc Cohn – “From The Station”
Marc Cohn – “Healing Hands”
Paula Cole – “Free”
Paula Cole - "Me"
Cowboy Junkies – “Cold Tea Blues”
Cowboy Junkies – “White Sail”
Nick Drake – “Northern Sky”
Sara Evans – “Tonight”
Melissa Ferrick - "Faking"
Melissa Ferrick – “I Am Not”
Melissa Ferrick - "Somehow We Get There"
Melissa Ferrick - "Time Flies"
Melissa Ferrick – “Trouble In My Head”
Thea Gilmore - "God Knows"
David Gray - "Silver Lining"
Wynonna Judd – “My Strongest Weakness”
Jonny Lang - "Breakin' Me"
Patty Larkin – “Chained To These Loving Arms”
Patty Larkin – “Closest Thing”
Patty Larkin – “Good Thing”
Patty Larkin – “Me And That Train”
Patty Larkin – “Winter Wind”
Lyle Lovett – “She’s Already Made Up Her Mind”
Tara MacLean – “Blinded”
Tara MacLean – “In The Wings”
Tara MacLean – “More”
Tara MacLean – “That’s Me”
Dave Matthews Band - "Lover Lay Down"
Kathy Mattea – “Asking Us To Dance”
Sarah McLachlan – “Answer”
Natalie Merchant – “Break Your Heart”
Natalie Merchant – “Kind & Generous”
Joni Mitchell – “A Case Of You”
Joni Mitchell – “River”
Van Morrison – “Into The Mystic”
Heather Nova – “Heal”
Heather Nova - "Help Me Be Good To You"
Heather Nova – “It’s Only Love”
Heather Nova – “Tested”
Heather Nova - "Truth And Bone"
Joan Osborne – “How Sweet It Is”
Joan Osborne – “These Arms Of Mine”
Poi Dog Pondering - "Big Constellation"
The Pretenders – “From The Heart Down”
The Pretenders – “Hymn To Her”
The Pretenders – “One More Time”
The Pretenders – “The Losing”
Richard Shindell – “Memphis”
Richard Shindell – “My Love Will Follow You”
Cat Stevens – “How Can I Tell You”
Vienna Teng – “The Atheist Christmas Carol”
Dar Williams – “After All”
Dar Williams – “If I Wrote You”
Trisha Yearwood – “Hearts In Armor”
Trisha Yearwood – “It’s Alright”

* * *

You’ve probably noticed I have a decided preference for female vocalists (at least, when I'm in that kind of mood). Hey, that’s just me. Go ahead, download these songs from...wherever. I hope you find a song or two that you, your heart and ears may all enjoy.

(Note: I've added a few more songs since I first posted this list.
In point of fact, I could add hundreds more...)

* * *


Blogger soul_rebel said...

Weird, I swear I didn't read this before I posted. I suppose that music is on the brain (in the heart?) this evening.

I do like your list and intend to investigate a couple I didn't recognize. It's interesting that you're partial to female voices, that's somewhat uncommon regardless of gender.

Thanks again for sharing these, perhaps one day I'll get around to making a few recommendations myself.

Wed Oct 11, 03:15:00 AM  
Blogger Jonas said...

Further proof, I guess, of some great, collective cosmic sub-consciousness...

Let the music play on.

Wed Oct 11, 08:40:00 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

my favorite jann arden:

and dar:

sorry- no good live performances!

Kate Wolf's music is awesome too.

Fri Apr 17, 12:00:00 AM  

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