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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Physical Reality

I’ve been sharing thoughts with a dear friend 'bout our youthful idols.

They’ve all grown long in tooth (as have we).

Time exacts a toll. A toll we can’t evade, no matter how hard we try.

“Liver spots” proliferate. Hair silvers and thins. Paunches grow. Knees creak.

Our cells replicate as feverishly as possible...but they’re not immortal.

They are destined to fail, as am I, and you and everyone.

This aging “thing” sucks. Big time. The aged lion knows the truth of that.



There’s music to be played. There’s laughter and graceful resignation.

There's peace.

The feeble hand can still create great art.

* * *


Blogger Ponita in Real Life said...

True... it does suck to get old. But with that age, comes a certain air of grace, and knowledge and skills that youth does not possess.

Wed Apr 21, 01:26:00 AM  
Blogger Gabriela Abalo said...

"You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair." ~Douglas MacArthur

Creepy pic Jonas!! I couldn’t stop looking at the eye

Nice post though.


Wed Apr 21, 03:49:00 AM  
Blogger June Calender said...

The mind too can still create art. I had a conversation yesterday about poets whose work got richer as they aged, not the least was Shakespeare, but more up to date, Merwin, Kunitz, Oliver, there are many more I'm sure. On my Calenderpages blog I've just written about a quilt artist's senior work that is very different and more serene, then there was Matisse, Picasso of course. Forget the age spots and sagging skin, the good part is all within.

Wed Apr 21, 06:42:00 AM  
Blogger Kass said...

I agree with Gabi - disturbing pic.

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

I'm with Dylan (and you) on that one. Whether it's for the photon emissions in our blood that scientist say give off a consistent, but low intensity "light," or the light of continuing bright ideas, I intend to rage on.

I quote your most recent comment and refer to your emailed post in my latest post. Hope that's okay.

Wed Apr 21, 08:02:00 AM  
Blogger Wine and Words said...

Graceful resignation...yes, right after my facelift :)

You are so comforting Jonas, somehow closer to arriving and therefore a soft landing. Loved the last line.

Wed Apr 21, 10:42:00 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

I am not a graceful ager. I am always astonished when I look into a mirror and don't see my 20 something self. Because, I still FEEL like her.

Wed Apr 21, 11:32:00 AM  
Blogger Jonas said...

I agree, Ponita. Although I'd love to have a youthful body, I'm not willing willing to forsake my wisdom (it was too hard fought and too long in coming).

I don't remember who said this, but it rings true: "In youth we learn. In old age we understand."

After you and others mentioned it, Gabi, I gotta agree that the illustration creeps me out.

So does my morning contemplation in the bathroom mirror.

The good part IS within, June. I know that. Still, this aging/dying process sucks. Just sayin'

Funny thing, Kass - That particular Dylan Thomas poem was the first poem an extraordinary English teacher revealed to me in a freshman high school class. I was stunned by its power. That teacher/that poem sent my life into a new trajectory. True story.

And, just for the record - I've never been one to complain if someone found value in my mutterings.

Thank you, Annie!

Yes, Maria, I think that is a universal truth. I believe we all believe we are "younger" than our bodies. The age may vary. My Mother told me she felt perpetually "18". Me? I think of myself as perpetually in my "30's". My body insists otherwise.

Sun Apr 25, 12:20:00 AM  
Blogger Yvonne Osborne said...

I haven't checked in on you for a while and look at all this prolific writing!!! Why don't you add a connect button on your blog?
Anyway... I love this piece. Aging does suck. Big time SUCK! But I intend to do it gracefully. You're right about idols. I look at folks like Bob Seger and think....God, he looks old. It's like we expect everyone to stay the same. Even ourselves. But in the end, there's only one way to avoid getting older and I'm not ready for that either.

Rock on Jonas!

Sun Apr 25, 07:40:00 AM  
Blogger Jonas said...

What can I say, Yvonne? I throw open the windows and all sortsa things happen!

Wed Apr 28, 04:26:00 PM  

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