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Thursday, May 24, 2012

In a "Fado" Mood

Years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Portuguese Fado music.  This friend was a linguist, fluent in English, Lithuanian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.   She and her husband were world travelers, Peace Corps volunteers, experienced sojourners, citizens of the world.

We all NEED friends such as these.  But I digress.

These friends introduced me to Fado music.  It’s a genre of music somewhat mournful.  The lyrics, generally speaking, reflect a longing for loves far away (or lost) at sea.  The Portuguese were, after all, a seafaring people.  The music, more often than not, is an incredibly beautiful vocalization of irreparable loss and its consequences.  I swear, I've listened to songs that simply tore my heart apart.  Yes.  It can be that...beautiful.

There’s actually quite a bit more that can be said about Fado, its history, its misuse and its evolution.  But it’s late.  I’m tired and I simply want to listen to this modern, rather creative, electric variant.

‘Cuz that’s the mood I’m in this midnight...

* * *


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