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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Front Line

In military terms, wars are fought on the “Front Line”.  That’s where armies collide, where trenches are dug and the blood spills.  When it comes to conflict, it’s always been about the “Front Line”. 

Let’s dispense of talk of trenches and foxholes and consider this:

“the real front lines run through human hearts”   

The human heart is always at the heart of things.  That human heart that yearns for freedom, justice, peace and possibility...paradise even. 

The front lines run through human hearts.

Today, just as yesterday, and the day before, and all the days since days were numbered, human hearts beg for freedom, justice, peace and possibilities. 

Not much has changed throughout all of recorded history.

I was moved by this video from Turkey:

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Blogger Wine and Words said...

How beautiful that was...the ordinary instruments in extraordinary hands, and a joy on their faces that I cannot find, or allow perhaps. Of all the wars fought in the heart, I battle against my own beat the most. Seems ridiculous when propped against international cruelties and injustices, but it is a monumental task, the tip of it shrouded in mist they say is a cloud.

Peace friend : )

Tue Jun 18, 07:38:00 AM  

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