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Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Are We Becoming?

I’ve been quiet for quite some time. 

Not that my brain stopped churning.

It never does.

But fingers on keyboard?

Dead Zone sometimes.

It’s taken me a good long while to fit words to emotions and, while I’m not all that convinced I’ve managed to pull feelings and words together sufficiently, I’m better prepared than I was a few months ago.

It kinda started with the “Holidays”.

I’m a clinical depressive.  There, I’ve said it.  I’m not proud of that.  In fact, I grieve that the person I once was is no more.  I kinda like who I was once.  I’m still discovering who I am today.   

OK, forgive this digression. 

I’ve got more important things to say.

The thing about the “Holidays” is that it gives us a chance to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. 

I’m grateful I had the chance to do just that.  I passed bread and wine with people I’ve known for decades, but had not seen for years.  Just being honest...the years have not been kind.

We’ve changed.

We’ve grown older, obviously.  It shows.

Some of us are broken. 

Most of us are warped, spindled and mutilated to some degree.

Even so,

There’s laughter and warmth wrapped ‘round resignation.

(Fueled by goodly quantities of alcohol)

We’ve changed. 

We ponder what we’re becoming.

* * *

Within this existential backdrop came Sandy Hook.

Twenty-six souls slaughtered.

Twenty-six souls, twenty of them innocent children.

I can’t wrap my mind around that.

Twenty-six souls and a troubled individual,

With a lethal military-assault weapon.

Blood everywhere.

Bodies, hearts and families shattered forever.

I can’t wrap my mid around that.

I. Can’t.

And I can’t wrap my mind around the subsequent response:

National “Gun Appreciation Day” sponsored by the NRA!?!


And I can’t wrap my mind around what we, as a Nation, are becoming.

My country seems to be spiraling into dystopia.  Twenty-six children slaughtered and the NRA's "answer" is more guns.  Did Orwell dream this?  

The plutocracy has drugged a large segment of the population into believing that the path to a better society is to make the wealthy ever wealthier, cut benefits to the needy, buy more guns and ammo, spend ever greater sums on the military, jail ever more people, deny others basic human rights, ignore our infrastructure and continue polluting with abandon.  

I don't think I've felt quite this disgusted ever before.  

What are we becoming?
* * *

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