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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thoughts at Christmas 2011

There’ll be no white Christmas for me. Pity, that. Crystalline sprites chose not to cavort amongst the moonbeams. A bit o’ magic’s missing. All is dreary, damp and puddled (much like my mind). Much like most of this past year.

This has not been an easy year for me. For some I hold most dear, it was tragic.

So it goes. Each life has its seasons and each season is what it is. Some are far harsher than others.

Love and Hope come easily in youthful springtime. We revel in sunshine, bask in the glory of youth. Why not? It was meant to be.

Spring lasts for just a short while, followed by the labors of summer, the rewards of fall...then...winter.

These are the days when we must rely on the reserves that have been salted away in deep places. This is the season when we huddle close to hearth fires, cling to each other for comfort, light candles, decorate trees and throw our heads back to sing our hopes and prayers to Heaven.

This is the essence of winter and the foundation for Christmas. These are the days when we look to our families, friends, neighbors and strangers on the street, knowing we are ALL in this together, grateful for each other as we pray for sunshine.

I am wistful, melancholy, grateful and hopeful this Christmas. Grateful for all the kind souls who’ve comforted me whenever I’ve stumbled and begged. Hopeful, so earnestly hopeful, that your hearts bask in the warmth and comfort so necessary.

May the blessings of the season bring you solace, hope and joy.

* * *

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