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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Taste of a Woman

* * *

How to describe it? It is heat and scent and passioned blood. It is of nectar and throbbing. She tastes of salt and precious treasures. She tastes of Heaven and sanctifies the tongue. She tastes of earth and seas, tempests and tears. She tastes of beauty and lava roiling and churning through eons of longing and lust.

The taste of a to describe it? How to describe an emotion? A miracle? Rapture?

* * *


Blogger flutter said...

This is so lovely

Thu Jan 17, 04:39:00 PM  
Blogger Sunny Delight said...

Hmmmm...makes me almost want to...but no, I have a decided preference for the wonderfully intoxicating taste of the masculine essence.

Thu Jan 17, 09:06:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...


Puts,"you had me at hello" to shame.

Fri Jan 18, 05:11:00 AM  
Blogger anna said...

I saw the title of the post and immediately thought of Al Pacino's "hoo-ah!" in Scent of a Woman.

Is it inappropriate for me to say that I thoroughly enjoy the way I taste? I've discovered that I prefer to taste him when his taste and mine are mingled together. It's a HUGE turn-on. That was tmi, wasn't it?

Fri Jan 18, 09:01:00 AM  
Blogger Jonas said...

Thank you, Flutter.

Ah, Sunny...Vive le difference!

Glad you enjoyed my musings, Jenn.

Funny, but "hoo-ah!" popped into my head, too, as I was writing.

TMI? Oh, I don't know. I think we're hard-wired to enjoy ourselves...

Fri Jan 18, 10:22:00 AM  

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