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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Season of the Witch

I haven’t posted any thoughts in over a month.  I find that a bit disconcerting, given that I generally find something to say, at least a few times per month, and have for almost seven years running.

But it’s the “season of the witch” and my skull is chock full of thoughts, reveries, pondercations, impressions and much so, that I’ve not quite found the words.

I’ve always marveled at the change of seasons. 

Here, in the Chicago area, Nature seems to do a quick wardrobe change right after Labor Day.  Happened again this year.  Verdant green fields and warm temperatures seemingly morphed overnight.  This year, the metamorphosis precipitated a veritable avalanche of philosophications.    

It’s been quite the year.

I started bicycling in early March, many months earlier than expected.  I’ve pedaled far longer and farther than I ever expected.  There was my adventure in Toronto, with a dear friend who opened my eyes and heart.  An adventure that, truly, altered my life.  I added “urban cycling” to my repertoire.  I became a changed man.

I’ve logged over 2,000 miles in the saddle.  Pedaled far and wide, past farm fields and urban landscapes.  Scraped a bit o’ skin, broke a rib, rejoiced, rejiggered, rethought. 

And all the attendant emotions overwhelmed me when the winds freshened, as leaves blushed before falling, the fields shorn of their bounty while hungry hawks circled the sky.  I now cycle past cohorts of skeleton corn, their rattles in the wind somewhat disconcerting.  I spar with the wind, covered in grit...and  rejoice in all this year has been. 

I’m not ready to stop moving.  Not ready for the revels to end.  I’ve come to know that time and distance have their place in the grand scheme of things.  I came to see my life 2,000 miles back in the rear-view mirror and 2,000 miles closer to where I wanna be.  

With any luck at all, I might find the words to express all that I’ve felt and come to know.        

* * *

* * *


Blogger June Calender said...

Indeed, your comments have been missed. But here you are with some fine writing about the seasons and your cycling year. Glad you decided to include you readers in your thoughts.

Mon Oct 15, 04:51:00 AM  
Blogger beachsiggy said...

Sometimes quiet is needed for sorting and posting everything in your head. I call it processing time. Glad to have you back, your words are a welcome place to be.

Mon Oct 15, 07:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great post, Jonas. I'm a litle envious of your miles!

Best Season of the Witch ever (imo):

Wed Oct 17, 09:21:00 AM  
Blogger Jonas said...

Thank you, June, for your gracious comments! I've been remiss in visiting your blog (and all others). My eyes have been failing me. I seek to make amends.

You are too kind, beachsiggy, too kind! You're right, though. It takes time to "process" and make sense of a maelstrom of thoughts/emotions. I keep chipping away.

Thank you, Mary! I'm still somewhat dumbstruck by all the miles that accrued to my benefit. Not anything I could have predicted or planned, but I'm grateful for each and every one!

I gotta say, Richard Thompson's cover grabbed me by the ears and shook me good! Thank you!

Fri Oct 19, 09:25:00 PM  
Blogger PattiKen said...

I like the sound of this, Jonas. I hear rejuvenation and a tinge of enthusiasm. That makes me happy.

Fri Oct 19, 09:26:00 PM  
Blogger Jonas said...

Yes, there is all that, Patti. There's all that and much more. I wish I were as fluent as you. I wish I could marshal my thoughts but (in my case) it would be easier to herd cats. Thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned above, I've been remiss in visiting the blogs of those I hold dear. My eyes are failing me. Gonna fix that.

But, hey, if you're happy, I'm happy!

Fri Oct 19, 09:55:00 PM  
Blogger Bella said...

how's the weather in Chicago?!

Sat Nov 10, 07:24:00 PM  
Blogger Jonas said...

Hello, Bella! Sorry for the delayed response. I'm just goofy that way.

The weather here has been erratic. I suffered through two weeks of chilly, rainy, WINDY weather. Didn't cycle at all. Then, the weather turned and warmed, the winds died down, and I rode for four days straight. I bought myself some cool weather duds and I'm eager to extend my cycling season for a few weeks more. Being a depressive, I kinda need the exercise to keep my head screwed straight. Thanks for asking/caring!

Mon Nov 26, 05:48:00 PM  

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